Creating positive minds through fitness and vitality

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

 When life has knocked you around a bit, thrown a few obstacles in your way, time has happened, and you've seen a few things, you start to appreciate the modest aspects of life, like pretty flowers, the waves in the ocean, clean air and the views of green countryside that go on for miles, lazy mornings where everything is going well and everyone is nice to everyone else. You think- that's lovely. It makes you a little bit more modest, a little more humble.

So if you can relate to this then your mindset is already shifting. For me, my mindset changed when I was about 23 years old. I became far more grateful and aware. I realised gratitude and strength is key for a healthy mindset. I had a turbulent few years prior to that and at times I sunk to an unimaginable low. Yet when I rose to the surface once more, everything felt more beautiful than it had ever felt before. I appreciated every aspect of what life had to offer and everything that made the world good, happy, and healthy. This significant gratitude that I finally felt gave me peace, hope, and large waves of positivity.

It is true that you have to be knocked around a bit, have some years under your belt to truly appreciate life and the things that make it so wonderful and miraculous. And when you do, thats when you have shifted your mindset and realise the essence of living.

A mindset of gratitude determines your mindset of happiness.

If you don't think your anxiety, stress and sadness impact your physical health, think again.

If you don't think your anxiety, stress, and sadness impact your physical health, think again. Mind and Body go hand in hand. If your mind is suffering, the body suffers too. If your body is suffering, your mind will suffer too.

Hands up if you had a McDonalds, and then the next day .... another McDonalds or similar. You feel annoyed with yourself, then to feel better you buy yourself some chocolate. I am guilty of just that. 

Hands up if you chose ”comfort eating" after a “break up” or a sad/ stressful time in your life? The mind and body are complimenting each other. It's ok until that "comfort eating" becomes a habit.

The law of attraction then becomes a part in the process, and it means the junk food has affected your mindset. This is a dangerous slope to find yourself on. Switching that mindset is down to you, you are in control of your own mind. It's your choice. Only you can take yourself onto a healthier path with a better diet and a healthier body.

The mind is so powerful that it has control over your body and your life. What you feed your mind is what you will achieve. Stress, depression, and anxiety have major effects on us as human beings. Coping mechanisms and mindset changes will make a significant difference to your life and to your body.

Exercising your body is crucial for a happy life. Whether that is power walking, running, aerobics, spinning, yoga or.... wait for it ... ZUMBA .... it is best to exercise at least three times a week. It not only makes you look and feel good, it clears your mind and helps your thoughts become clearer. Life can be busy, life can be tough, but I am a firm believer that exercise and mindfulness takes the pain away.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise!

"I left Zumba in the worst mood" said NO ONE EVER!

That's completely right! Zumba is a giant party!

Zumba and exercise in general is really for the brain, not just the body. It affects mood, vitality, alertness, and feelings of well being.

Those who have attended my Zumba classes across the world know that it is hard to keep a straight face, maybe a few tears of laughter, definitely smiles until your cheeks hurt.

Together with mind and body, Zumba is always the answer. Zumba is a class of dancing, fitness, and looking silly (well I do) and not giving a .....(ahem!).

Thats what I love about my Zumba - Everyone "lets go", everyone is having a good time, releasing all that negative energy and stamping on it like it never existed.

And you know what the best part is - over 500 calories are burnt, you feel amazing, your mind has cleared, you become more positive than ever before and your body is feeling so much lighter!

Shake it until you make it!

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